The Royal Kingdom Situation

An update on the situation with the Royal Kingdom guild disbandment.

On July 11th, 2021, following a series of events over a very long period, we forcefully disbanded the guild "Royal Kingdom".

In this post, we'll be detailing the reasons that led up to this decision.

Please note that this is not an initiative for any sort of harassment, witch-hunt or anything of the sort, but rather our way of being as transparent as we can.


The disbandment reasons

This is a list of the reasons behind the disbandment which we've collected, presented in no particular order.

Reason 1: Donation log clutter/spam

What ultimately set this off, was a targeted attack from the guild and its members towards Discord Dungeons.

By repeatedly using the donation feature for small amounts of gold and items, the guild cluttered the logs we keep.

We've got procedures in place for abuse like this, which more times than not, end up in banning the offending user(s) from the bot.

As the members kept making alternate accounts however, we were forced to ban those as well.

After the disbandment of the guild, the leader of the guild encouraged members of the guild to once again use the donation feature to clutter our logs, by donating items "one by one" to a previously banned user.

Encouragement to spam donations
More encouragement to spam from members of the guild

Reason 2: Staff harassment

The second issue is one where the members of the guild would be harassing the Discord Dungeons staff, either through means of botting with inappropriate usernames, or through other, more direct ways.

Botting with inappropriate names

We take a hard stance on using automated means of playing, and we've got measures against it, one of which being manual review, where we came across a bot with the name "KILL YOURSELF FELIX", referring to our staff member of the same name.

A snippet from our logs

Other harassment

In relation to the guild disbandment, members of the guild started targeting our staff with harassment and abuse.

Harassment targeted towards Felix

Reason 3: Interfering with punishments

When a member of the guild was banned, other members of the guild went out of their way to interfere with the punishment of the player by spam-donating very large sums of gold to the player, in order to get them to the top of the leaderboard.

Reason 4: Hiding exploited gold in the guild

As we know from the bot rules, abusing glitches, bugs or exploits is a bannable offense, yet, members of the guild were abusing these in order to gain large sums of gold, in short periods of time.

The rules of the bot

In order to try and hide the exploited gold, members of the guild would deposit it to the guild, away from their player stats.

Reason 5: Petition to paint DRPG in its whole as a ”scam nature”

A while back, through the help of some members, we were informed about a malicious petition that attempted to paint DRPG as a scam.

This petition was sent to the guild in their server, with encouragement from the guild leader to sign it.

Encouragement to sign the petition

Addressing the points of this petition will be done in another blog post.

Reason 6: Blackmailing

Punishment for blackmailing is something we are very strict on enforcing, regardless of who is doing it, or who the victim is.

As the previous owner of the guild, AsianaPrince was caught blackmailing players, partly with threats of banning them off Discord as a whole, we banned AsianaPrince from the game, leading to them admitting to the offenses, and transferring the guild ownership away.

Please note that for privacy reasons, the ages in the screenshots have been censored.

Admitting to the offenses

Reason 7: Community harassment

The guild hasn't only been malicious in the DRPG Server, but has also planned to harass other communities, where the only affiliation is the bot being there, such as the official Minecraft Discord.

The member ban


As the members and leadership of the guild were understandably upset, they started to abuse the bot once again with spamming donations, in order to clutter our logs and forcefully try rate-limiting the bot from Discord.

As they were doing this in their own server, we decided to ban any and all command execution on said server, which resulted in the members creating new servers in order to continue the attack.


Following this, we decided that it would be easier to unban innocent players instead of letting the malicious players keep attacking.

As we had decided on this course of action, we banned all 860 members of the guild, among which, were falsely and wrongly issued bans, which we will be rectifying.

What we're doing to rectify it

In order to rectify the situation and make things right for non-malicious players that were part of the guild, we are working day and night to handle appeals from members, both to unban, and to refund any funds the player put into the guild.

If you're one of the players that wants to appeal, please contact our Bot Hunter team.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me on Discord: @Mackan#7196