Changelog Version 4.7.0

Codename Blue Iron - 6 Fixes, 1 Addition and 1 Change

Codename - Blue Iron


  • Fixed an error where uncached users would get an error from Common.setNick [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Fixed a bug where using all as the amount wouldn't work for #!gdepitem and #!gwditem #781 [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Fixed a bug where users could try reading items that aren't books. #777 [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't check stats of users with 18 digit IDs [Done by @Willard21_2#2815] (He also created the bug in the first place)
  • Fixed a bug where users couldn't use items in dinv if they weren't in their regular inventory. [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Fixed an exploit where users could claim a quest multiple times. [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]


  • Added some dialog when users cancel their dialog with enchanting and forging NPCs. [Done by @Willard21]


  • Refactored some code in the #!adv command [Done by @Tyler#3592]