Changelog Version 4.3.24

Codename Panda Butterfly 19 Fixes, 1 Change and 1 Addition.

Panda Butterfly


  • Added the ability to check when another user started with the #!started command


  • Made disconnected shards automatically restart [Done by @Willard21]


  • Fixed some commands not displaying level requirement with #!help [Done By @Willard21]
  • Fixed XP Potions not working as they should (#721) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fixed calculations for donator XP Boost items (#632) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fixed a bug where you could still party adventure while travelling (#718) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix some issues with the party damage (#749) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix crit and other rings not affecting adventure damage (#564) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix the bug where you could keep moving in a dungeon after getting caught by a mimic (#683) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix #!gban not filtering the input (#753) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix an error with Dungeons (#686) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix #!gkick not removing roles (#701) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix some stuff with the defense attribute (#682) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix the bug where you'd check the field of the old location when travelling (#703) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix the issue with #!gwd not rounding properly (#757) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix a bug where some pets wouldn't die when below 0 health (#759) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix a bug with Guild Audit permissions (#758) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix a bug with salvaging rings (#722) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix guild signs showing as undefined when buying them (#730) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix #!gkick throwing an error (#756) [Done by @Willard21]
  • Fix an issue with #!lead scavenging (#747) [Done by @PlayTheFallen]