Changelog Version 4.18.5

Changelog 4.18.5 - Slash command release

Codename - Potassium Beagle

With this version, we release slash command support for DiscordRPG. Traditional message commands are no longer supported. This is in preparation for Discord's upcoming change to message content access on 31st August. DiscordRPG will cease to recieve message content from Discord after this date, and therefore we can no longer support traditional message commands. Please see our progress report for an overview of the features and changes in this release.

Due to the amount of changes in this version, it is likely to contain a high amount of bugs. Please be patient while we work through these issues. Support the development of DiscordRPG by reporting bugs you encounter at our bug tracker. If you require support with the new version, visit the #rpg-support channel in our Discord server.

What's Changed

πŸ› Bug Fixes

  • Make m create check if item is untradable
  • Add ephemeral message to pager jump button
  • Fix issue with items not being usable
  • Fix inv filter
  • Fix gblacklist add not being found b
  • Fix pet set name blacklist error by @Sven65 in
  • Fix help command bug by @Sven65 in
  • Make buy and sell commands use SI parser by @Sven65 in
  • Fix Travel timer message not sending by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug with error when no lead field is found by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug with some quests not showing up in completed by @Sven65 in
  • Bug/npc selection by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug where setting perms didn't check if user had perms to do so by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug where a brew could be started without ingredients by @Sven65 in
  • Fix drop autocomplete by @Sven65 in
  • Bug/pet heal bug by @Sven65 in
  • Fix trap plant and check by @Sven65 in
  • Fix uset inv sorting by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug where traps didn't set at the right location by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug where plants didn't set at the right location by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug with uset nick not working by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug with uset displaycolor showing decimal color by @Sven65 in
  • Make dungeon buttons disable when a fight is accepted by @Sven65 in
  • Remove red button from dungeons by @Sven65 in
  • Remove "Items" from s stats by @Sven65 in
  • Fix adv embed 3 pet xp bar by @Sven65 in
  • Add expiration to active dungeon map block on start by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug with market throwing errors when user can't be DMd by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug with tp needing exact autocomplete by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug with incorrect message when force-stopping a trade by @Sven65 in
  • Fix Namazu Quest by @Sven65 in
  • re-add magical pandemic quest by @Sven65 in
  • Fix issue with use not using multiple items by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug with being unable to check others inventories by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug with inventory value and unknown items by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug with plants being set at the wrong location by @Sven65 in

✨ New Features

  • Add autocomplete to g item by @Sven65 in

Other Changes

  • πŸ‘½οΈ Make IUP work with slash-create by @mount2010 in
  • πŸ—οΈ Slash subcommands by @mount2010 in
  • Slash create/adv by @Sven65 in
  • ✨Finish porting market commands, introduce formatters, add type predicate for checkResults by @mount2010 in
  • Port advent command by @Sven65 in
  • Slash create/battles by @Sven65 in
  • Add option to claim donator role by @Sven65 in
  • πŸ› Fix bug where usable items had wrong message by @Sven65 in
  • Slash create/dungeon by @Sven65 in
  • Slash create/sides by @Sven65 in
  • Slash create/pets by @Sven65 in
  • Slash create/quests by @Sven65 in
  • Slash create/parties by @Sven65 in
  • Remove other stuff that uses discord hybrid sharding by @Sven65 in
  • Add support for loggy, remove some old cluster shit by @Sven65 in
  • Add discord.js sharder again by @Sven65 in
  • Re-implement cooldowns. by @Sven65 in
  • πŸ› Prevent shard respawn loop by @mount2010 in
  • πŸ’¬ Clarify that mcancel will retrieve current results by @mount2010 in
  • Add help command by @Sven65 in
  • Update tutorial quest by @Sven65 in
  • Finish admin commands by @mount2010 in
  • Fix bug with not handling non-split subcommands by @Sven65 in
  • Prevent partying when battling and battling when partying by @Sven65 in
  • Port warm mittens by @mount2010 in
  • Feat/slash create/item autocomplete by @Sven65 in
  • ✨ Add rules and help topics by @mount2010 in
  • Experimental/slash create by @Sven65 in
  • Remove old files by @Sven65 in
  • πŸ› Tutorial fixes by @FelixArgyle in
  • πŸ’¬ Fix typo in cooldown messages by @mount2010 in
  • πŸ› Fix formatter import in Sstarted by @mount2010 in
  • ✨ Reintroduce querying user data by @mount2010 in
  • Fix issue with setting gmmax by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug with menu specials quest not getting past hamburger step by @Sven65 in
  • Fix bug with option length in mystic gravestone quest by @Sven65 in
  • πŸ› Fix an exploit with travel by @mount2010 in
  • ✏️ Stats inconsistent usage typos by @FelixArgyle in
  • Update slash-create, fix bug with menu expiry spam by @Sven65 in
  • πŸ‘½οΈ Return to internal permissioning by @mount2010 in
  • πŸ“ Document env example by @mount2010 in
  • πŸ’¬ Make info links into direct links by @mount2010 in
  • ✨ Add give item function to admin by @mount2010 in
  • Change /s stats to /stats by @Sven65 in

Command reference

bug, changelog, info, invite, serverinvite, suggest, support, wiki => /info

help, rules => /help command command:string | rules | topic topic:string

recipe => /recipe recipe:string

lead => /lead field:string [page:string] [showid:boolean] [rank:boolean]
General Commands

All => /m
/m buy offer:string
- (buy from a selling offer)
/m list offers market:Selling Trades
- (list market offers for selling trades)
/m create selling item:Log amount:30 price:300
- (creates a selling trade)

/m sell offer:string
- (sell to a buying offer)
/m list offers market:Buying Trades
- (list market offers for buying trades)
/m create buying item:Log amount:30 price:300
- (creates a selling trade)

/m offer id:string
- (offer context)
/m cancel id:string
- (cancels trade)
/m info item:string
- (show market limits of an item)
/m list user market:string
- (list market offers of given user + market)
Market Commands

all => /g

gally => /g ally

gaudit => /g audit [filter:string]

gblacklist => /g blacklist add/remove/view user:user

gbuy, gitem, gitems => /g item buy name:string | item view [name:string]

gcreate => /g create name:string

gdep, gdepitem => /g deposit what:string quantity:string

gwd, gwditem => /g withdraw what:string quantity:string

ginv => /g inv [filter:string]

gjoin => /g join name:string

ginvite, gkick, grole, gmembers, gperms => /g members invite user:user |
kick user:user | setrole user:user role:string | view [name:string]

setperm => /g permissions set permissions:string

guild, gdisband, gexpand, gleave, gset, guildad => /g info

icons => /g icon buy name:string | icon list
Guild Commands

achievement, achievements => /s achievements name:string / page:string

assign => /s assign attribute:string points:string

attributes => /s attributes [user:user]

skills => /s skills [user:user]

started => /s started [user:user]

achievement stats => /s achievements [user:user]

reset => /s reset

rpoints => /s rpoints
Profile Commands

adventure => /adv [run:boolean]

heal => /heal amount:string

pheal => /pet heal amount:string

catch => /pet catch


mine => /mine

chop => /chop

forage => /forage

fish => /fish
Action Commands

travel => /travel location:string

location, buyfield, buytrapspot => /location

map => /map

search => /search 

talk => /talk npc:string

trap => /trap set item:string | info | check

plant => /plant set item:string | info | check
Location / NPCs

dungeon, dinv => /dungeon start | status | resume | inv [user:user]

party => /party create | invite user:user | join user:user | kick user:user | view

padv => /padv [skip:boolean]