Beta Changelog Version 4.18.4

Beta Changelog version 4.18.4 - 18 bug fixes

Codename - Potassium Beagle

What's Changed

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where traps didn't set at the right location
  • Fix bug where plants didn't set at the right location
  • Fix bug with uset nick not working
  • Fix bug with uset displaycolor showing decimal color
  • Make dungeon buttons disable when a fight is accepted
  • Remove red button from dungeons
  • Remove "Items" from s stats
  • Fix adv embed 3 pet xp bar
  • Add expiration to active dungeon map block on start
  • Fix bug with market throwing errors when user can't be DMd
  • Fix bug with tp needing exact autocomplete
  • Fix bug with incorrect message when force-stopping a trade
  • Fix Namazu Quest
  • re-add magical pandemic quest
  • Fix issue with use not using multiple items
  • Fix issue with setting gmmax
  • Fix bug with menu specials quest not getting past hamburger step
  • Fix bug with option length in mystic gravestone quest