Changelog Version 4.18.38

Changelog Version 4.18.38 - 4 Bug Fixes, 5 New Features and 2 Other Changes

Codename - Potassium Beagle

What's Changed

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix uset show not showing correct values for donation notifs (#1336)
  • Fixed konami code bug by @Dx8pi
  • Fixed mimic kill reward typo by @Dx8pi (#1319)
  • Fixed dungeon inv sorting by @Dx8pi (#1343)

✨ New Features

  • Adventure embed changes color gradually by @Dx8pi
  • Show sides availability on location cmd by @Dx8pi
  • Add pretty titles to dungeons by @mount2010
  • Travel msg & journey start uses timestamps by @Dx8pi i
  • Add a button for admins to clear a users dungeon by @mount2010

Other Changes

  • Add open source credits to /info by @mount2010
  • Update info cmd by @Dx8pi