Beta Changelog Version 4.18.3

Codename Potassium Beagle - 10 bug fixes, 2 other changes.

Codename - Potassium Beagle

What's Changed

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix Travel timer message not sending
  • Fix bug with error when no lead field is found
  • Fix bug with some quests not showing up in completed
  • Fix bug with npc item selection not paginating correctly
  • Fix bug where setting perms didn't check if user had perms to do so
  • Fix bug where a brew could be started without ingredients
  • Fix drop autocomplete
  • Fix bug where pets could heal with items the player didn't have
  • Fix trap plant and check
  • Fix uset inv sorting throwing an error

Other Changes

  • 💬 Fix typo in cooldown messages by @mount2010
  • 🐛 Fix formatter import in Sstarted by @mount2010