Changelog Version 4.17.0

Changelog v4.17.0 - Too many changes.

Codename - Fuschia Herring

After months of work, we're finally ready to release the next version of DRPG!

During this time, we've been rewriting the bot to make it easier for us to add more content and fix bugs faster.

What's Changed

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Fix check for forage item by @Sven65 in
  • 🐛 Fix bug where some commands would only output time in seconds by @Sven65 in
  • 🐛 Make the reaping ring actually work by @Sven65 in
  • 🐛 Fix bug where some commands didn't check for achievements by @Sven65 in
  • 🐛 Fix bug where a dead party member could still attack by @Sven65 in
  • 🐛 Fix a bug where usableitems wouldn't be removed from normal inv by @Sven65 in
  • 🐛 Fix issue with heal command input by @mount2010 in
  • 💄 Closes DiscordDungeons/Bugs#1066. Quest buttons + fix a missing path in COM by @mount2010 in
  • 🐛 fixes discorddungeons/bugs#1083 rune guru talk bug by @mount2010 in
  • 🩹 bstop correct time fix by @FelixArgyle in
  • 🐛 Fix bug where uset invsort default didn't work by @Sven65 in
  • 🐛 Fix bug where alex didn't care about tasks by @Sven65 in
  • 🐛 Fix bug where you couldn't start quests if a task was declined with… by @Sven65 in
  • 🐛 update userdata xp when calculating rewards by @mount2010 in
  • 🐛 Fixes item map refreshing across shards by @mount2010 in
  • 🐛 Fix bug where users could get inifinite amount for tasks by @Sven65 in
  • 🐛 Fix bug where task cooldown would show as absurdly long by @Sven65 in
  • 🐛 Fix bug where starting a dungeon didn't remove previous adventure by @Sven65 in
  • 🐛 Fix bug with any error crashing the bot (#710) [Done by @Sven65]
  • 🐛 Fix DiscordDungeons/Bugs#1025 - Pet Health Adventure Display Delayed (#709) [Done by @Sven65]
  • 🐛 Fix a bug where cluster crashes due to any error (#708) [Done by @Sven65]
  • Fixes DiscordDungeons/Bugs#1023 (#703) [Done by @mount2010]
  • Fixes DiscordDungeons/Bugs#1023 (#703) [Done by @mount2010]
  • 🐛 Fix bug where plain sweater didn't remove by @Sven65 in

✨ New Features

  • ✨ Allow for membership codes to stack and implement v2 codes

Other Changes

  • 💬 do singular plural thing for unmet crafting requirements again by @mount2010 in
  • 🐛 Fix pager removing reactions by @mount2010 in
  • 🐛 Fixes pets levelling up in dungeons by @mount2010 in
  • ♻️ Refactor user item and recipe filters and fix regex bug by @mount2010 in
  • 🚸 List unmet crafting criteria by @mount2010 in