Changelog Version 4.15.4

Codename Titanium Bass - 18 Fixes, 2 Additions.

Codename - Titanium Bass

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where pets wouldn't get XP on the next adventure if dying in the previous (#845)
  • Fix a bug where the playing status of the bot would randomly go away (#864)
  • Fix a bug where enabling a custom guild icon before setting it would throw an error (#874)
  • Fix a bug where forage wouldn't check for the old luck attribute (#875)
  • Fix a bug where transferring ownership of a guild would keep owner permissions for the old owner. It now sets the old owner to an elder instead. (#871)
  • Fix a bug where new players would have to decline a task before re-rolling. (#886)
  • Fix a bug where there was an unknown location in Caeli City. (#903)
  • Fix a bug where guild names wouldn't support non-ascii characters such as Ä. (#928)
  • Fix an issue where #!uset would show the wrong default value for reactPaging (#934)
  • Fix a small grammatical error that would confuse users when buying items, it now says that you only equipped one. (#938)
  • Fix an error where #!minfo would display multiple empty results when it didn't have any results. (#939)
  • Fix a bug where pets couldn't level up multiple times at once. (#931)
  • Fix an issue where trades would stay active when a user reset their progress. (#739)
  • Fix a bug where the bot would say 1 seconds in the cooldown messages instead of 1 second. (#940)
  • Fix a bug where the bot would say Invalid Amount when using #!pheal auto when a pet is at full health. (#941)
  • Fix a bug where #!uset would have wrong values for tradeDisplay and achievementDisplay (#947)
  • Fix a bug where you could name your pet to @everyone, @here, or something including three backticks (```). (#936)
  • Fix a bug where #!gset would show the wrong icon for flags. (#879)

🐛 Added

  • Added an error message to #!uset nick for when the nickname was too long. (#894)
  • Added some more items to the task blacklist. (#824)