Changelog Version 4.15.1

Codename Gold Bass - 1 Change, 1 Bug Fix and 1 Addition

Codename - Gold Bass


  • Flatten all walls [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]. Explanation: This change flattens the curve between xp base changes. Anywhere there used to be a wall, the total xp requirement hasn't changed at all. The levels between the walls have slightly increased xp requirements, adjusted so that by the time you reach the wall, you already have most of the xp to get over it, so it's just a normal level instead of a wall. As an example, if the base at level 100 is 100, and the base at level 110 is 105, then the base at level 105 will be calculated as 102.5. Then the total xp needed is base * level * (level + 1). All the hardcoded bases can be found at (this link will expire).

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug with task requirements item values [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]


  • Added the following names to the guild name blacklist:
  • donator
  • discordrpg
  • servants
  • developer
  • partner
  • artists
  • writer
  • support
  • patron