Changelog Version 4.14.4

Codename Peach Duck - 4 Fixes and 2 Additions

Codename - Peach Duck

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Have rank as an optional flag in lead [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Fix tradeID L bugs [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Fix broken NPCs in Amplewood Island and Silverkeep [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Fix unstarted error from adv [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Fix various item typos
  • Fix lifesteal on the Vampiric Dagger

🚀 Added

  • Add Developer Commands [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Add #!MarketRules and #!MarketInfo commands, and set market pricing limits [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]


  • Changed gemstones to type:gemstone
  • Changed logs to type:log
  • Added a hidden source:plant, source:trap, and source:crack attribute to the respective items for use with item filters.
  • Changed quest reward dummy items to type:trophy