Changelog Version 4.13.2

Codename Gold Lily - 3 Changes, 5 Fixes and 3 Additions

Codename - Gold Lily


  • Add trade details to closing messages [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Make embed 2 colors indicate HP and move crit field into player column.  [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Change guildad price equation [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix permission error [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Fix null error for new users [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Fix internal travel error [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Fix party travel error [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Fix negative xpTick and improve text alignment on advEmbed 3 [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]

🚀 Added

  • Add a Tutorial [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Allow people to disable their pets [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Added two new quests for christmas. [Done by @Mackan#7196]


  • There's an elf in need of your help at Frostridge Tavern.
  • Another elf needs your help afterwards in Ravengate. [Members Only]