Changelog version 4.11.0

Codename Blue Pelican - 2 Additions, 14 Changes

Codename - Blue Pelican


  • Added more xp walls to smooth them out and make them less of a hurdle. [Done by @Mackan#7196] (See more details below)
  • Added a timer that automatically pings the user when they're done travelling. [Done by @Mackan#7196]


  • Change ruby gems on weapons to give 10% damage boost instead of 15% [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Change ruby gems on necklaces to give 5% strength boost instead of 15% [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Change sapphire gems on weapons, armor and necklaces to give 3% xp boost instead of 10% [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Change emerald gems on weapon enchants, armour enchants and necklace enchants to give 3% gold boost instead of 10% [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Change sapphire gems on ring enchants to give +3% potency instead of 10% [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Make pet damage only add 10 to max and min damage on leveling up [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Make dynamobs take the pets damage into account when generating [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Make criticals attribute require 80 points per 1% chance. [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Cap criticals attribute at 4000 points, for a maximum of 50% crit chance. [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Make any points into criticals above 4000 not affect anything. [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Make users unable to travel in a party, and require them to be at the same location to join one. [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Make parties take pets from all users into account when creating a mob. [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Cap party reward boost at 4 members. [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Blacklisted runes from LUX tasks. [Done by @Mackan#7196]


In addition to the new gem system, we've also made old enchanted items use the new gem values in order to make it fair for everyone.

XP Curves

Old XP Curve

Old XP Curve

New XP Curve

New XP Curve