Changelog Version 4.10.0

Codename Cactus Bread - 11 Additions, 6 Fixes and 4 Changes

Codename - Cactus Bread


  • Added a feature to let server owners and admins (I.E, those with the Administrator permission) use the #!setprefix and #!setchangelog commands without the DiscordRPG Commander role [Done by @Tyler#3592]
  • Added a guildItem type for guild-only items [Done by @Willard21_2#2815]
  • Added donator items and members items for non-members to the task blacklist [Done by @Mackan#7196] (#611)
  • Added the donator role to #!getrole [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Add market tax (See below for more information) [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Added a craftable field to items with a recipe. [Done by @Mackan#7196]
Added locations:
  • Miree Altar
  • Frostridge Altar
Added items:
  • Miree Essence, obtainable by mining at Miree Altar
  • Frost Essence, obtainable by mining at Frostridge Altar
Added recipes:
  • Miree Rune
  • Frostridge Rune


  • Fixed bug with #!gset not showing role color hex. [Done by @Mackan#7196] (#817)
  • Fixed a grammar issue with the quest Bakoushi's Bunny where the text was pulls of a bunny instead of pulls out a bunny [Done by @Mackan#7196] (#812)
  • Fixed a bug where the rune capacity wouldn't show on a users stats if they had no upgrades to the rune pouch [Done by @Mackan#7196] (#792)
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't remove a guild tag. It can now be done with #!gset tag 0 [Done by @Mackan#7196] (#628)
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't get the achievement Untouchable. [Done by @Mackan#7196] (#314)
  • Fixed a bug where shop NPCs had no cancel option [Done by @Mackan#7196] (#816)


  • Updated discord.js to version 11.5.0 [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Made spaghetti edible [Done by @Mackan#7196] (Ideas Page)
  • Made meta items untradable [Done by @Mackan#7196]
  • Change the format of arguments in help layout [Done by @Mackan#7196] (Ideas Page)

Market Tax

The market tax is a 10% tax on the total trade value, and the user will be asked to confirm paying the tax before a listing will be created.

Upon cancelling a trade, the tax will not be refunded to the user.

On a want to buy trade, i.e #!gbbuy, the tax is applied to the total value, but the user that sells the items will only get the untaxed amount of gold.

On a #!gmsell trade, the tax will be applied to the total number of the items being put up for sale.
Buyers, #!gmbuy, will not pay the taxes.

Only the trade lister will have to pay taxes on trades.

Market tax in action