A new name for DRPG

DiscordRPG is changing its name to DRPG

Hey Adventurers,

Some of you might've noticed that DiscordRPG has had a blank profile picture in the last few months. This is because Discord's changes to application naming guidelines have caused us lose the ability to change the profile picture of the bot. We contacted Discord Developer Support, but they did not respond until several months later, telling us that we have no choice but to change the name of our application. Therefore, to avoid any further difficulties, we have decided to change the name of DiscordRPG to DRPG. We'd like to share some of our frustrations trying to work with Discord Developer Support, and share the news about the bot's new name.

In October 2022, we changed the bot's application icon to it's Halloween version, something that we do every Halloween. After Halloween ended, we attempted to revert the profile picture to it's default version - but an error showed up.

Validation errors: Name cannot contain "discord"

To give some context, Discord has required developers of applications in more than 100 servers to "verify" their applications since last year. When we submitted a verification request via the regular system, we were denied, due to having "Discord" in our name. We then turned to a Discord developer in charge of developer relations, who assisted us in getting DiscordRPG through the verification system and ultimately verified, something that we are very thankful for.

The verification showed that Discord was willing to grandfather our bot's name. "DiscordRPG" has been associated with our application for so long, it is very difficult for us to come up with another name that can represent it. Every user of our application has remembered it as DiscordRPG. We own the discorddungeons.me website and our Github organisation is named Discord Dungeons. We have never implied that we were an official Discord creation, nor have we created any trouble for Discord due to our name. Why, then, has our name suddenly prohibited us from being able to promote our application normally like every other one?

When we were stopped from changing the profile picture, we immediately reached out to Discord, via their Developer Support platform. But for months, a response never came. We sent follow-up emails, which were met with silence. It took until Feburary for Discord to send us an email saying that we weren't allowed to use our name anymore.

Discord not responding to us

As we have no other choice, we are renaming the bot to "DRPG". This name is already used as an abbreviation of the bot's name and should be quite familiar to most players. The overarcing organisation will still be known as Discord Dungeons and the services will still be under this name.

We're tired and frustrated with this situation, and with Discord's poor support for their application developers. As a Discord application with a large userbase of over 70000 servers, we shouldn't be met with silence to our enquiries about our application. DRPG has been our hard work for the past seven years, and we do this as a voluntary project. It is a shame that this is how Discord is treating the application developers who have put in hard work to contribute to their platform.

Thank you for your continued support of DRPG. We continue to work on this project, for all of you.